This is a view of Upper Thomson Road, taken from the overhead pedestrian crossing leading to Thomson Plaza. Today this scene is no longer there. That is how fast the world changes, and it is happening all the time, right before our eyes. I am caught in this fast pace, and at times I do wish things could slow down. . . . So many events are happening. It boggles the mind. The heart beats double up and one is all amazed. . . Still life goes on. It has been going on, and it will  go on……………………Praise God!

What is in it for me? One thing is sure, the love of God endures forever. One need never waver where this is concerned, and this truth is enough to keep one steady all the days of one’s life. Lord, may we have the grace to keep trusting  that all will be well.

Right now, I am a little bothered by the fact that there may be articles from contributors this weekend. But I am unable to access my blog because I cannot, for the life of me, recall which password I have used. That is something I am going to live with. It is fine. All I will say to my contributors is: Good bye! It could  be a blessing in disguise. It is going to save me some time, perhaps.

Jo, embrace the change! You will be better for it!