Holy Indifference. I had the chance to exercise this although it was for a few days only. The password had been changed, and I could not, for the life of me, recall a single item. Trust me not to have written it down. And so the blog I could not reach remained there, like a ripe peach waiting to be enjoyed and yet totally out of reach. As I had anticipated, there were three articles waiting for me to publish them. They were kept in cold storage. I wonder if the contributors grew anxious and wondered why I was so tardy in doing my duty.

And then, help came. I will not spell it out. It came swiftly and easily from two sources, one of them being Word Press! Thank you, Denise!

I really was prepared to say good bye to the blog that I could not reach. I was mentally preparing a message to send to my many contributors. And to make matters worse, I am anticipating the admission of more contributors. On Saturday 9 August, when Singapore celebrates forty nine years of being a young nation, there will be a writing session. There are at least ten persons, and I am looking forward to it. Thank God!

Need I say more. . . it is not the end, Jo. You may think that you don’t care too much about losing the blog. But you did, to be honest, wish it did not have to affect the other twenty odd number of contributors. And so, I say, it pays to entrust all matters into the hands of God, after you have prayed. He will not let you down, and so I praise God for His faithfulness. To have lost the blog would have upset somewhat not only me but all the others as well. Alleluia!