One more year. . .

One year older, yes, that is true, but it does not make much difference except that one realises that each day has become more precious, one step nearer to that Eternal Home, where I long to be, and no matter what, it is right that I continue to fulfil my personal vocation till that moment, in God’s time, when I am summoned Home to spend eternity with Him, the One who first loved me, the One to whom I owe all that is good, perfect, holy and noble, all that is pure, simple, sweet and delightful.

I ask only for God’s grace to persevere to the end. The end? Yes, to run the race so as to win the crown of eternal glory. To fight the good fight. To persevere without faltering. To live on with joy in my heart, a dance in my step, a smile on my face!

And when the end comes, may heaven once more rejoice that a converted sinner has finally come Home! Praise the Lord!