Just shut up and eat!

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It has been said by different people at different times that nothing brings people together the way a good meal does. And  recently  I had the grace to be treated to meals with  different people. It is that time of the year when one suddenly finds the time and have the grace to catch up with old friends. One of them had been absent for more than a year. There was no contact whatsoever. Life goes on anyhow. . . but over a simple meal, we soon touched base once again.

Talking about the gatherings, at least three of the meals were French, and I have to add that French cuisine in cosmopolitan Singapore has become very affordable. Nothing too expensive, and the taste is  not short-changed either. Praise God!

This little island seems to be building more and more shopping complexes, and the number of food joints simply dazzles. Where does one begin? The best is to settle for what one can afford and what one feels like eating at that moment. It would take far too long and it would be rather tedious to be labouring over what cuisine to settle for. The sin of gluttony is a real threat. . . ..

But sin aside, I thank God for this country that is home to so many different cultures, races and religions. We speak so many languages and we share our love for food. For myself I dare say that I am one who eats whatever is provided. I might even say that it is good enough to have food to satisfy one’s hunger when so many out there in other  parts of the world have nothing to eat. There are also many who do not know if the next meal will be there for them. How then dare I ever to make any noise? How dare I even make choices with arrogance in my heart?

I shudder when I look at photos of hungry children. I tremble when my eyes gaze upon those with no shelter. And I cannot forget the story told to us by lay preacher Brother Matthew of Divine Retreat Centre, otherwise known at Potta Divine Centre. He told us, a long time ago, that he had met Mother Teresa. She was seen collecting scraps of rice off a plate. She also spoke up by telling those near her that the food could feed a family. No wastage allowed. Brother told us this story when we were in Korea many years ago, and some people were trying to make choices about what they would eat or discard.

Lord, have mercy!