St Paul’s Chapel, Beatitude Mountain

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There are two chapels in Beatitude Mountain, the brain child of the late Cardinal Jesuit Paul Shan, in the southern part of the island of Taiwan, in Kaohsiung. It is not too far from the airport, about less than two hours drive up the mountain, and I guess that is why I could not really experience the coldness of a mountain top. The Chapel shown here is open all the time, and I have had the joy of being able to go in alone in the early hours of the morning. A grace given me was the ability to wake up early. That was a real blessing as day break is just before five. After that it is not so pleasant to be walking outside.

In this Chapel, one sees all the large posters on St Paul whose statue is at the side. I could never ignore that and I was always thankful for his role in our Church History. Praise God for St Paul!

This is where we had all our masses by Fr. Bonaventure, and in the nights we had our hour long silent Holy Hour. I also spent much time here in prayer, and I have to say that  this place is etched in my memory. Praise God!

Just to add that the statue of our Lady of Fatima is very prominent. On her birthday on 8 September, the Filipino Dominican nuns put a large candle and left it lit all  day long.

The daylight that streams in gives the shape of the Cross a very nice effect, doesn’t it? And I have to add that one evening, while we were having our Mass, I had a glimpse of the sun setting.

Yesterday evening it was (4 September 2014)

The sunset took place

It caught my attention

A glimpse was all I had

But it was enough

It was enough

What a sight that was!

Thank God!

Praise God!