Public Speaking memories

Years ago, many years ago, in fact, I remember that I had gone to attend the Dale Carnegie course in public speaking. It was that time when I was really keen to learn and the Dale Carnegie course was only one of several.  Of course, when  one is young and motivated, one has all the energy and enthusiasm to learn, learn and learn even more.

The Dale Carnegie course turned out to be a really marvellous experience. I had not thought that I was gifted in giving impromptu speeches. But I am, and that continues to surprise me in a delightful way. Of course, this is not to say that I never knew. I guess one needs affirmation, and what better method than through a professional public speaking course. Praise God!

The course did not prove as challenging to me as I was already involved in speaking publicly. But there were many good things that came about, and I shall strive to recall  a couple who impressed me a great deal. I had the chance to work with the woman. Both of us had been selected to be graduate assistants and so we had yet another fourteen sessions to be together.

I do not know where the couple have gone to with their three sons. That year, WY was only thirty eight and she told me that she had lived all those years for herself. Now she would like to spend the same number of years for the Lord. She was a Christian. I was not that interested and so I simply listened to her tell me about her plans. She and her husband with their three sons migrated to Canada. We kept in touch for a while but after a couple of years, there were only cards for Christmas and then there was no more contact. I have to admit that I was not that interested to  keep in touch. Lots of excuses I can offer.

Years later, when I got converted to be a Catholic Christian, I understood better what WY had told me. It is absolutely correct. One has to live for the Lord. One’s life, strictly speaking, no longer belongs to one as Christ had died and paid the ransom. He had bought me anew, and I live now not I, but Christ lives in me. Sounds familiar? Of course, St Paul shows me how it happened to him. And it happens to us all somehow. It is that turning point in one’s life, and then one lives only to please the Lord. He is, after all, the One who first loved me, the One whom I desire to spend eternity with.

This morning I was listening to Fr. Paul Nicholson who spoke on the Last Judgement. Very eloquently did our missionary preacher talk about how silent God is  now, but when one meets Him on one’s judgement day, He would no longer be silent. And I add that this will be the same for anyone, believer or otherwise, for truly Jesus is Lord. Praise Him!