The Holy Family

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What lovely scenes of family life! As the synod for families gear up for a great meeting, we can only look to the Holy Family at Nazareth as our inspiration.

Holiness of life – this has to be the focus of all, especially the couple, who will then set the example for their children. And this month, I heard twice the popularly quoted saying that the family that prays together stays together.

Yes, we are in the month of the Rosary. . . .I look forward to the Mass to be celebrated at the Church of Christ the King this 7 October 2014. We are dedicating the New Evangelisation to the care of our  Blessed Mother. May she pray for us all!

And talking about prayer, that really is key. It is having a good prayer life that will enable one to seize the many opportunities to build a great relationship with our Lord. Without that bond of love and a strong faith which equals total trust, it is not going to be easy. It would be tantamount to building on sand and expecting the fragile foundation to see one through all the trials of life.

So, let us seek the Holy Family. . . .

Let us imitate them. A family in love. A family of trust in the Lord.