Crowning glory

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This is the second time I have heard of the Lord doing something special for a lady’s crowning glory. The photos show the lady who was so happy that she could not stop smiling. We have been friends for many years and although she lives abroad, she was blessed to find time to attend a retreat. At the retreat, when she was being prayed over, she discovered to her delight after that, that one side of her hair was now different. No matter what, she could never get her hair stylist to put wrong what was wrong. What was wrong? The hair stylist could never get one side of the hair to curl. The hair would remain limp and she just put up with it for years.

Imagine then her delight when she saw that the hair was now curly! Praise God!

The first time I had heard about hair turning curly was almost twenty years ago. A lady from the Philippines was very ill. She was dying, in fact. But she recovered. Her healing was so great that she, together with her American husband, started to travel and share her testimony. She had straight long hair before her illness. After the chemotherapy and other treatments, she lost her hair and prepared to meet her Maker. But she was healed and her hair started to grow. It was curly!

Praise God who can do all things! Praise God for whom nothing is impossible!

I am unable to recall the details. But I was struck by the testimonies. To God be the glory!