Truth, please

This evening I heard a sermon that was delivered with a lot of oomph! Praise the Lord!

It was Fr. AJ who,  with his sense of humour, referred first to his size. It was true. I had not seen him for ages and he had certainly put on a lot of weight. Praise the Lord!

A joke was used to end the evening, and it went something like this:

A man went to a priest and made a bargain. He promised to give a huge sum of money to the church funds on condition that the priest praised the man’s deceased brother at the funeral service. It was tough. The deceased had led a life that was scandalous and it was a real challenge to preach.

So the priest went on to say. . . .

XXX tried to lead a worthwhile life but he had his weaknesses. . . . XXX tried to make amends but there were temptations . .. ..

The deceased man’s brother was waiting for the priest to say something that would sound good. Finally, the words came forth from the lips of the priest. . .

The deceased was more saintly than his brother. . . .

Fr. AJ had come to raise funds for his parish where a new pastoral centre is needed. May God bless his efforts!