A Holy Longing

Grace and peace, may this be yours, O holy souls in purgatory. Surely you will be in such a state, O holy souls suffering with patience and joy. The time will come surely, the time for reunion, face to face, with our All Merciful Father.    That you will one day complete your purgation and enter Paradise and sing God’s praises forever and ever is certain.    What hope this must hold for all!  What about us on earth? We can surely take a lesson or two, a lesson in patient acceptance,    a lesson in accepting all trials and tribulations in peace. . . It is necessary, necessary indeed that one accepts all one’s trials and tribulations with patience. It will not be easy. But the grace of God is sufficient and when we ask, we will surely receive.

Truly God’s grace is sufficient for us all. This morning I had the grace to wake up at five, and I learnt that my alarm had not gone off. It was to ring earlier. This is one example, but it is still important as I had gone to bed asking for grace to wake up and make it to morning mass. Praise the Lord!

I asked last month for the grace to pray the holy rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, and I made it. Thank God that I can still continue. The grace to drop in for half an hour after my lunch makes it all possible. So often the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Now, I am confident with grace given. Praise the Lord!

This post is my own reminder, that I am to keep my big mouth shut and never complain. St Paul says to do everything without grumbling or arguing. He says to do everything for the Lord who is our real Master. We work not for men but for God. May it be so, Lord. Your grace is sufficient for me, sufficient for me. Amen.