To our rescue! (2)

Listening to the homily this morning, I could not help but remember that the beautiful basilica in Tours was the one that I had missed during my recent pilgrimage to Europe. Our bus had broken down. It had been a long journey up La Salette for one night, and since the tunnel was closed due to repair works, our coach had to take the long journey up the Pyrenees. It was about seven hours. . . .

On the way to La SaletteLa Salette 2La Salette 3La Salette 4La Salette 5La Salette 6La Salette 7La Salette 8La Salette 9La Salette 10la Salette 11la Salette

Little wonder then that the bus broke down the following  day. We were stranded for four hours by the road, but the four hours flew by quickly. The good Lord had blessed us with time to chit chat, to care and to share. We had been blessed to have our bus near a nice little park and there were the rest rooms available as well. I myself had the chance to chit chat with one of the pilgrims and to hear the faith journey this person had been taking.

Later on, upon my return, I learnt that someone I know now stay in Tours. What a pity! But I am certain the Lord knows better and so, I shall just be grateful. May St Martin of Tours pray for all of us!