Outside the Hospice

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I had made yet another visit to a dying man, the one who continues to cheerfully and joyfully welcome us visitors each time we enter the hospice. Truly this is amazing grace! A prayerful man who has spent his life time preparing for the Great Home Coming. Praise the Lord!

Just before entering the hospice, I was waiting outside for two friends who were coming. They had been quick to decide that they would like to visit Brother Jean Denis. While waiting,  I decided to take some photos of the lovely statute of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus. It is at the grotto where fish swim freely in the artificial pond. I remembered someone who could talk to the fish and they would respond. Several such saintly people have the grace to do so, and one of them is St Francis of Assisi. He preached the Good News to all of creation. Wonderful! It is not wrong to do that. It is  not at all wrong to sometimes talk to a tree or even a plant. No, not at all. After all we have been exhorted to pray in the book of psalms.  Let everything that lives and breathes give praise to God!

Near the place where I was standing I saw a frangipani tree. These are flowers often found in cemeteries, and sometimes you see them all on the ground. A whole lot of white coloured ones. But here, I am seeing pink ones, and they are the ones that capture my attention.

I know why. I am meditating on death, and I am thinking about many things. . . . Is my life being lived fully and joyfully now? What more can I do before I return to my Father in heaven? How else can I live so as to fulfil the will of God even more completely? So many thoughts run through my mind. There is perhaps one simple answer: Live each day as if it is your last. Live in trust. Live in confidence. This has to be the way to go. So many have gone ahead of me. So many more will follow. It should be enough to say again, Thank you Lord for the gift of life! Thank you for each new day! When death comes, life will not be ended, but it will only  be changed. Praise the Lord!

I need to add on to this post written in November last year. In fact, there were so many articles that I just had to remove. Even as I was anticipating the departure of Brother Jean Denis, the good and merciful Lord was showing me that He can do all things. He gave Brother the grace to live for almost another year! Praise God!