Thanksgiving for 2014!

Apart from God, I cannot live. Thank God for the gift of life. For every breath that I take, thank you, Lord. Thank God for the grace of knowing Jesus as my Saviour. Where would I be without the gift of faith? Faith in the one God who has made me and created me so that I may come to know him, love him and serve him, and then be happy with him for all eternity.   There is always time in my twenty four hours to put aside for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, for prayer and meditation on God’s Holy Word. Thank you for the grace, dear Lord. I appreciate the gift of prayer and the grace to find you in all things. Praise God!

I am grateful to have a family who loves me and cares for me even if not all of us can be together regularly due to distance and other factors. Thank God for my family. Thank God too for the times we came together to share our lives.

Who is my neighbour? Thank you for enlarging my faith, and giving me the grace to intercede daily for all in the world. I pray for humankind. Praise God for the gift of being able to think of all as my neighbours. Jesus came to save us all!

Who helps me in my faith journey? The Lord has blessed me with good people – priests, in particular, and I thank God for my regular confessor and my spiritual director . . . So many people journey with me. Thank you, Lord. How can I forget the people who pray for me, and are united with me? Thank God for all the silent intercessors who love the Lord and pray for sinners like me. Praise God! Who cares for our welfare? Lots of people! Thank God for all whose resources are made available to us freely. Thank God for those who share their spiritual gifts!

Now is also the time to thank God for those who have helped me in days of recollection and especially in my annual retreat. I owe my gratitude to them all! Thank God for my companions on the journey – Praise God for each one of them! Thank God for the gift of all believers and those in the Catholic Church in particular. I thank God for the many trips I made this year, and especially to sacred places in Portugal, Spain and France, Taiwan, Indonesia and other places. Thank God for fellow travellers on the journey!

Thank God for our Holy Father Pope Francis, and for our bishops everywhere. Thank God too for our parish priests and all other priests, for those who serve in ministries and contribute for the greater glory of God. I am grateful for the gift of my writing community, and especially for all who have made contributions and shared their life stories. Thank God for all my benefactors including blogs I follow and for word press staff for making it possible for me to blog my thoughts and share my life.

Last but not least, thank God for the grace of detachment as I learn more and more that all things are passing. Yes, let nothing disturb me. Let nothing frighten me. Only one thing counts – that God loves me just as I am.

With gratitude and thanksgiving to our God now and always! Praise God!