Maple leaves

Gifts need not always cost money. A friend of mine spent almost a month in Canada, and when she returned she had some maple leaves with her. Knowing that she had gone in the season of autumn, I asked if she had collected any. It brought to my mind a memory of long ago; yes, I would say that it was decades ago when a friend had migrated to Canada, and after some time even sent large maple leaves of the most gorgeous colours. 

I myself, recently on a pilgrimage, to Europe including  Ars, France where we visited the church of St John Mary Vianney, took a few maple leaves home. The strange thing is that the leaves have remained green and not turned a darker shade. I wonder why.

 So we made an exchange. From the photos, one can see the green ones. They were the ones I had brought home. The yellow and maroon ones were from my friend. Such attractive colours!P1200276P1200275