Colour me

P1200652P1200762It could have been just neutral

Just black and white with shades of grey

Yes, a world truly subdued and not too lively

But the Master Creator would not have it this way

True to his abounding generosity

He gave us the colours of the rainbow

And they are not just seven colours

They can be combined, they can be mixed, they can be diluted or made strong

And they are all vibrant, vibrant, vibrant

Vibrant colours that sing and dance

Vibrant colours that skip and hop, skip and hop

And me? I have eyes to see

I have a mouth to praise God! Alleluia!

Thank you Abba Father for a world so beautiful

For the colours bright and cheerful

So many different hues to suit us

Today or tomorrow or the days ahead

Colours galore

Colours that brighten the world

Ah yes, colour me beautiful

Colour me beautiful!