What is the blame game?

The second day of my Lenten reflection. Genesis Chapter 3.

The blame game

We play it all the time

A matter of convenience

Pointing our fingers at another

Putting the blame on another

Exonerating ourselves

So conveniently do we do it

We may not even be aware of it

So sinful is our nature, our inclination

But vigilant we must be

The enemy continues to prowl around

Like a roaring lion ready to devour

What are we to do?

Who have we to protect us?

Simply put, Jesus has already conquered for us all

Jesus has paid the ransom

Jesus has saved us

Our response is to return that gift of salvation

By desiring to grow in holiness

We can if we want to

God has given us all the means to do so

He has not left us defenceless

He has not left us orphans

The wonderful gift of the promised Paraclete

The greatest gift of all

The Spirit of the living God

He is with us

He is in us

Let us cherish this precious gift

Never grieve Him

Never grieve Him