The Third Temptation

Our challenge throughout Lent is seen in this line:  “When the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from him for a time.” Temptation will return throughout our lives, often at key moments. It’s a summons to be ready, always ready.

Have you ever heard anyone say not to worry but to live and let live? Do you think that is wisdom from the Lord or the taunting wicked spirit of destruction and sheer temptation?

Lord, you bid us to  be vigilant

To pray always

Lest we be tempted

Lest we fail to turn to you and know that you are near

Always near to be of help

To love and to console

To teach and to guide

To direct and to let us seek what is best for us

Your holy will, certainly

Your righteous ways

All that you have so warmly and generously given us

The grace to know that we are  your children

Beloved and bought by your precious Blood, O Jesus

How can I ever thank you for having called me

Out of darkness into your wonderful light?

Praise be to you, my Lord and my God!

(7.15 am.)