just because.

Happy to be re-blogging this from my young friend.

A bene placito

because I would not want to live one moment without knowing you, and would rather die knowing you; because I want my tongue to give you incessant praise, and should I one day be unable to do so by my infirmity, then allow my every breath to give you praise; because my every thought is shaped around giving you my mind, my will, my memory, I want you to occupy every crevice of my being, and fill me up to overflowing; because your joy is my strength, I want my every action to lead to your glorious grace, I want my joy to be complete in you alone, my strength; because you have no hands and no feet, I want my limbs to be at your service, to walk a thousand and one miles if you willed me to, to kneel and prostrate if you willed me to; because everything…

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