The gift of Joy

I love you Lord!

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I was at the Pentecost Rally today in the Church of St Vincent de Paul, and I had a swell time.

As always, at a Pentecost Rally, there would be an empowerment session to pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. We would pray for a deeper walk with the Lord. More love, more power! So all the charismatic groups were present, and their leaders were all ready to intercede for those who would come to them.

I was all ready to go. Praise God! As I waited for my turn, I observed the gift of tongues being given to a lady. She prayed in tongues for the first time, much to her delight. There were, as usual, people who rested in the spirit. Praise God!

Then came my turn, and  I found myself standing before three young adults from the Indonesian Charismatic Group. The leader looked at me and…

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