Mission Retreat

Late have I loved you, Lord.

This particular phrase was repeated more than once at the phase four retreat. Praise the Lord!

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The  Parish Mission in the parish enters its fourth phase , and the participants are having their retreat this weekend. The retreat is the highlight of the entire process which begins with census taking, home visits, home masses, the retreat itself and the building up of cell groups in the Neighbourhood Christian Communities. Today I was invited to join in the first part where there was a talk on faith and trusting the Lord. The gospel passage was on Peter walking on water, and how he lost focus later on. The point is, as Mike so wisely pointed out, Peter did indeed walk on water. I was impressed by the way Mike was able to break the word so well. He had lovely power point slides and I especially liked the photos of him and his son. The photos spoke clearly of the love of the father and the son. And in that we…

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