Half a year left

Half a year left – Six precious months

I am counting the days and the hours and the minutes

All so very precious and why is it so?

Time and tide wait for no man, they say

And I know that in the  blink of an eye we will no more have this year

There are so many things left to do

So many dreams left to fulfil, and so what if I don’t

So what if the dreams never materialise

I dream of going to an overseas retreat

Far away, where I can simply paint my best and find God

Praise the Lord for dreams that lighten the burden

And  to make it really good, I give them over to our Lord

Here they are, dearest Lord, all my dreams I place in your hands

Make of them what you will, and I will simply be

I will simply live to accept

No doubt that is best as it gives me deep peace

Deep peace, knowing that you are my Lord and that

You not only care but want the best for me

Praise God! Thank God!