Having a Passion for Your Name, Jesus

A tribute to a leader in the making! Would that the Lord bless more and more young Christian leaders to lay down their lives for HIM!

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I had a refreshing and amazing weekend spent with the community at a special retreat where I learned more about the Catholic faith and ways to be a better Christian leader through servant leadership (putting others before self). It is truly reassuring that Jesus is the answer to everything. He is the answer to all our questions and doubts. The two key takeaways from the retreat would be the concepts of both Affirmation and Identity which I will touch on later.

The first session “The River of Life” was about our own river and the rapids that we have encountered. I found that it has never really crossed my mind that I could lead and that with all my imperfections, I could not be deemed worthy to lead. Rapids are our frustrations and expectations to meet them and the dryness that comes when there is no motivation or inspiration left…

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