There was a time

Another beautiful piece. Praise God for Ambrose!

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There was a time.

There was a time when people said Singapore won’t make it. But we did.

There was a time when troubles seemed too much for us to take. But we did.

As the nation celebrates her Jubilee birthday, there seems to be an atmosphere of jubilance. So much so, that it is a little choking, a little forced, and a little overwhelming. It is as if, as Singaporeans, we have to soak into this atmosphere, that if we don’t, we aren’t Singaporeans.

There was a time, when I looked forward to National Day Parades. There was a time, I would stand up at attention to sing the National Anthem. There was such a time.

Make no mistake. I am not unpatriotic. I have taken part in National Day Parades before as part of a marching contingent years ago.

But somehow, the NDPs mirror our nation’s progress. Every general who…

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