The Gift of Mother Mary

Happy Birthday, dearest Mother of God! Yes, it is 8th September and my mind goes to the miracle of the Immaculate Conception (8 December). I remember this incident even though it was so very long ago. I remember. . . . yes, I do.

I was at the church early one morning. I was there to attend Mass and then I would go back to the place where the coffin was. Whose body lies in the coffin? A mother.

It was my beloved mom. She was only 65 when she was claimed by the much dreaded disease for which no cure can be found. And whatever has no cure comes under the topic of CANCER.

But that is  not the point I want to make. The point is, the good Lord made it so clear to me that I was not an orphan. I was not abandoned. Our Lord has given His own Mother to me.

Dearest Mother Mary, I thank you for having taken such good care of  me

I remember that moment so well . . .  There I was, somewhat in grief 

Not a single tear in my eye, and I was causing loved ones to be puzzled

What was there to cry for?

My earthly mother is still alive

No one who believes in the Lord really dies

Yes, my earthly mother happily surrendered to our Lord Jesus

After all, had He not answered my  prayer?

Just one simple prayer – for mom’s conversion

And did I not call upon St Jude to pray for us?

Yes, I did. I still do for the many still not baptised

Back to that morning, a fellow brother in Christ came along

Out of the door after holy Mass, he said to me

So calmly, so gently and with a voice totally convincing

Your earthly mother has gone home to the Lord

But you have your Heavenly Mother to take care of you

Yes, on this day, I just want to recall

That it was more than  two decades ago

Less than a week after I had  just received baptism

Our Lord Jesus sent His summon

Calling my earthly mother home

Having completed His preparations for her

To spend eternity with Him

Yes, that was one Friday morning

with me by her bedside at the hospice

Soon after Mass I had returned to be with her

On my knees I got to pray  

To our Divine Master

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

And as soon as it was done

I saw, to my amazement

A wave of the hand

As if my mother was saying to me

Till we meet again

Praise Him! Thank Him!

Delighted am I to think

That in  Heaven  are so many friends

And that in a day to come

I will once more  see them all again

And then forever will I sing the praises of God

With you, Mother Mary and all the saints in heaven