#4 – Still trust Him

This is a very important piece of testimony on the Opening Night of the RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. In reblogging this, I pray that the hearts of many will continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and His many gifts, including the Gift of FAITH!

Degeneration to Transplantation

Technically the first day of work today.
I finished updating contact in the company phone and created excel spreadsheets. I’m so surprised at myself that I could finish them so fast. I thought I’d be distracted but I was in the zone!
Shows that sometimes all we need to do is focus.

It’s the opening night of RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. I still remember sitting amongst the crowd last year. I’ve made bosom friends that I don’t hesitate joining for another year. Moreover, I missed many sessions last year due to hospital checks and admissions.

Honestly, because Andy isn’t going tonight, I did consider not going as I came back tired from work and laziness started creeping through my spine. But I still decided to go and I’m glad I did.
To be honest, after what happened over the weekend, I did feel angry with God…

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