The last lap

For the last lap, I wanna tell all that sometimes, God can slam the doors shut in your face,  close the windows and shut the blinds down. But you’ll never know when he will break   the whole wall down for you. Have Faith. Spread Love.

Here is a lover of our Lord, and Pearlyn Tan was so very confident of herself. She could  trust in the goodness of our Lord, in what He could possibly do for her. And I love the way she has prayed about her condition. It was with honesty that she reaped the reward of an even stronger and deeper faith in the mercy of God.

For our Lord can do all things

He can do as He desires and it is fine

For us we need only to keep trusting

In His mercy

In being loved

In remaining His beloved

And I thank God for the young priest Fr. Jude David who celebrated the Mass on Saturday morning together with the Spiritual Director of the RCIA Fr. A Wong.  Fr. Jude David  had baptised her upon her request in the Intensive Care Unit last year in March 2014. He had told her that she was to come back for faith formation, and she did. Praise God!

You could therefore say that Pearlyn was a neophyte still, and that is why she came for lessons to fall in love with Jesus. Yes, to fall in love is all that matters, as Fr. Arrupe the Jesuit used to say. It will determine all that we think, say or do. And Pearlyn will continue to share with the forty posts that she had in her blog. What a blessing to have come to know this young lady!