Liver transplant

Our Lady

Strange but true. When I looked at the body of a young lady who had died due to failure of organs like the liver, I was amazed to see that it had turned almost black. When alive, this lady had noticed that her skin was darker than many others. It seemed to me that she was very observant. What would have been her thoughts if she were to see herself lying in the coffin?

I attend funeral masses often and in a month I would surely go to at least two or more. My contribution is to pray at the wake when I get to go with the priest who would celebrate the funeral mass. So, this is really the first time that I see a body that is not a normal colour. It was almost black!

BUT, I wish to add that one sees nothing odd. One sees only the colour that is different. That is evident. Besides that, when one looks closely, one will see that the corpse seems like it was enjoying a time of rest, and indeed, it could well be. Our friend had her first operation at the age of one and her second, a liver transplant, at the age of 26. She had offered all her sufferings with joy.

In the Catholic liturgy, the soul is summoned and returns home to the Lord. The soul alone will answer for the way life has been lived, and in this particular case, it seems clear that the soul of Pearlyn Tan has lived abundantly. She lived and died in the joy of the Lord Jesus whom she had come to believe in. She had asked for the gift of holy Baptism in March last year when she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, Thus, to all who believe in Jesus and acknowledge Him as Lord and Saviour, the grace is given to become children of God!

For Pearlyn Tan, I would say that I saw her as if she was asleep and at peace. She looked like she was in a sweet dream. Praise God! And if I may add, on the second occasion of my visit to the wake, I thought  of the Black Statue of our Blessed Mother Mary in Europe. I had been there last year for a pilgrimage. I thought to myself: yes, may the Black Madonna intercede for the soul of Pearlyn Tan to rest in peace, through the mercy of God! Praise the Lord!