In heaven for all eternity

In heaven for all eternity! This can happen only if one does not die a sinner still. . . am I right? I need not be a Judge to know that wilfully sinning and wilfully not wanting to repent can  invoke the wrath of our Father. . . But I pray not!

I am reminded of Moses who was told that sinners will have to face the consequences themselves. Yes. Our Lord cannot be mocked. If I now have the time, I really ought to make amends, to put right what is not right. And for this I am thankful.

So often it does appear as if people are slow and are just not too keen for the distractions of the world are many. Did not St Augustine say the same? 

No, we are not all  to take our time to return to the arms of our merciful Father. What will it take? Does one need a push or will intercession do? If I knew how to, I would like to go to some people I know (and these are loved ones) to tell them to delay no longer.

Today, on the Feast of St Matthew, I heard a good sermon. The priest also made mention of the famous painting of the call of Matthew, and I am referring to the one by master painter Caravaggio.

Jesus points to Matthew the tax  gatherer and Matthew has a finger pointing at himself. I venture to put some words into Matthew’s mouth and if spoken aloud, he might stammer and stutter and he might just have these few words:

Who? Me? A sinner? Are you calling me?

As I see it, this has been a blessed day. And I am so thankful to our Lord for granting our desires to see more sinners return to him. Yes, let me add that I too am a sinner. I too qualify for the love of God who sent Jesus to save sinners.  I can  be thankful that the Lord came specially for me. But a sinner I do not desire to remain!

I heard of one such sinner on the way to being saved once and for all. The sinner  came knocking at the door of a church and returned to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist all in a matter of hours. Is this not the power of God’s grace?

Just stretch your imagination a bit more and think of the world. . . . so many returned to the arms of the Father! Praise God! St Matthew, please continue to pray for us all!