Prayer and poetry writing


I thought of such a title because of a workshop I will be attending with several people. How does one write poetry? Apparently that is the same way one prays. . . .

Or vice versa!

I know not, but I am willing to learn

From those who are professional poets

And such a one is the Medallion winner

Anne Lee






She has so many gifts

Yes, I am prepared to learn

And I do pray that our Lord will bless us all!



Many writers

I  changed the template dear Lord

As I do get tired of the same ones after many months

Why use the same when Word Press

Is so generous with what they offer?

So quick to come up with new ideas

So kind as to let poor ones like me use them

All free of charge .  .  .

Yes, Lord, there are many good people in this world

Despite the haze and the free offer of polluted air

What can we do, we who are so small in size?

Yes, this is my prayer to you

That you bless everyone with the grace to be

Generous and quick to share

Caring and not so concerned with oneself

After all, do we not all belong to the humankind?

We are all on one journey

Home to the Father

Believers or otherwise

There is only one Judge of the dead and the…

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