Thick or thin? Smooth or wrinkled?

Fair or dark? Young or old?

Such words conjure images in one’s mind

Skin – a four letter word given as a prompt

Answer now I shall each of the above

Thick or thin?

Sometimes thick but more often thin

Making it harder to survive

The thick laughs things off

But is it always a joke?

I fear not

And words can murder or cut one’s skin

So is thick better than thin?

Smooth or wrinkled?

It all depends on one’s definition

And the territory one speaks about

So let us move on

Fair or dark?

Certainly fair

And fairer still before

The sun attracts and the skin dies a little each day

Now marks are here and there

Marks that show one has become older

And  of course

Is there no one who grows older by the day?

Young or old?

This too is so subjective

Depending on where you come from

But if one goes by the century

I have gone past half of it

And I am happy

To be old

A senior citizen

For the time has gone by

No wish to go backwards

No wish for time to stand still

It is enough, quite enough

So when all work is done

In the vineyard of the Lord

And the summon comes

Happy will I be

Home sweet Home

Where the saints are rejoicing

Where no tears ever fall

And only the child like of God

Dance delightfully for all is well

And yes, all is well!