Found Poetry

To take delight in you

This will be my joy

To know the freedom of your truth

This will be my happiness

To know the beauty and depth of your love

This will be my heart’s desire

And long have I known

Long have I felt

The heart strings being pulled

So that the heart cannot be at peace

It remains restless

 Restless is my heart

I long to make connection with you

The fear of suffering can stifle

All the yearning the heart feels


Only sometimes

Rich I am not

So what can conquer my heart

What can take away my joy

Nothing very much

And I will want to take you

At your word

Your invitation remains

Ánd praying just at St. Peter’s Square

I feel your three gazes upon me

Directed at me so I will not walk away


Not run away


For in heaven or on earth

I have only You, my God!