I sure can think of many

But let us begin where it all happened

More than thirty years ago

The area where I feel so comfortable

Where I feel safe

And that is because all are so familiar

In a place where no one seems to have moved

And all know one another

Like in the good old days

And so, why would I need to go elsewhere

Here where all facilities are provided

Making this neighbourhood so self-sufficient

And believe it or not

It seems that my neighbours feel the same way

So it is not uncommon for me

To greet one and then another

And each time I go to the shops or the market

Almost everyone is a familiar face

The man, for example, who sells fruits

Now with several children extends

The same hospitality

He never gets tired of being the cheerful

Fruit seller and he would recommend the latest

With such joy it seems hard

To resist his offer of some exotic fruits

This is indeed a familiar neighbourhood

And try as I did once to move elsewhere

I found that I could not and would not

So here I am