The Power of words

A satisfying aspect of writing is that it can

Open obviously one from within

 And empower one to feel

Good or otherwise

Self-seeking or not at all

Deep down within oneself

A whole lot of treasures

Await discovery and affirmation

So one needs handling with care 

Words, words and more words

For like dynamite

They can blow to smithereens

An already bruised soul

Or they can inflate an ego

Causing self destruction perhaps

For has it not been said

And do you not agree

That pride comes before

A fall?

And more than all that

There is always the fear

Of careless words that cut

Unfeeling words that wound

May I be mindful then

Mindful and not careless

For fear that I be caught unawares

For fear that I be made accountable

Remove this fear from me, O Lord

And grant me the wisdom I sorely need!