Concrete Poem



this a lot

it brings to my mind

what happened a long time

ago when I was young and what

captivated me was the sight of a long thin

candle, one that would sacrifice itself to  give light

To make things bright for others and to act as a guide of sorts

Till one eventually dies after the long hours of sacrifice . . . .and I am happy

with God’s grace to be this light for did not Christ say that one needs to die and not remain a single grain? I really loved that hymn we sang this evening at Mass Unless A Grain Of Wheat Falls To The Ground And Dies,  It Remains But A Single Grain With No Life,  and that is not the way of the follower of Christ, is it?  And so my heart rejoices that even as I die I am gaining new life in Him who loves me!

And so let it be, dear Lord

Let it be!