Communion of Saints

Once in a while something beautiful comes one’s way . . .Like a video interview of a deacon in the States of how his healing brought forward a step of adding to a saint’s canonisation.

This saint – not yet added to the canonisation list – was instrumental in helping a Catholic Christian to fulfil his dream of service to the Church as a deacon. And who is he?

None other than the one who prayed Lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom Lead thou me on . . .Yes, that intelligent saintly Cardinal John Henry Newman whose life I am  trying  to learn more about, and for sure, he suffered greatly. In seeking only the truth, he did not care if he had to give up much of what he had built up and that is truly commendable. It was the authentic faith that He sought.

As I spent almost an hour listening to Fr.  Mitch Pacwa’s interview of Deacon Jack, I was held spell bound. In fact, I was very glad that I had the time to remain focussed. As someone who hardly ever can  sit still to do just one thing, when time is so precious, I was really quite disciplined. I sat from start to finish listening intently.

Why the sudden interest? For one I do pray for the sick and as I have been praying with some people for the miraculous healing through the intercession of Cardinal Henry Newman, I could not forego the opportunity to listen and to find out how Cardinal Henry Newman became a  Blessed.

“Deacon Jack Sullivan received a miraculous cure from a severe spinal stenosis on August 15, 2001 after praying to Cardinal Newman. On July 3, 2009 Pope Benedict announced that this healing was a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Henry Newman. Pope Benedict beatified Cardinal Newman on September 19, 2010 and Deacon Sullivan was present acting as deacon.” (Quote taken from Fr. Juan Velez’s website)

The case in question concerned one with a spine that  no longer functioned, and the man was really in need of a miracle. Listening to the man and having the opportunity to hear from him how it had all started and how it eventually ended with his being a deacon at Vatican City took my breath away. We serve a mighty God! To God be the glory!

Doomed to never ever walk again, and yet he did. Not only did he walk, he was at the canonisation – the first step, at least – and he was on cloud nine!

All his dreams to serve had threatened to go into thin air

But only for a while

Only for a while

Amidst the sufferings

Light came through

To cut the story short

Hope, hope and more hope

Clearly a gift meant for him

So he could fulfil his dream of being ordained

A deacon in the Catholic Church

To serve as he had always wanted to

A brand new spine was given him

He could now walk, walk and walk

And I am speaking about Deacon Jack Sullivan!

Praise God!

“The Saints are men and women whom the Church sets as standards for living holy lives as children of God. Today is the memorial or feast day of Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890), a renowned Anglican convert and Catholic priest who stands out for his intellectual accomplishments lived with humility and charity.”

An article entitled ‘The Praise of Men’ from the website of Fr Juan Velez from whom one can learn much as he has written a book on Blessed John Henry Newman. Do check it out!

It was Fr Juan who first introduced me to more in depth info on Blessed John Henry Newman.

EWTN Interview with Deacon Jack Sullivan on Cure Obtained through Blessed Newman