The first Martyr Stephen


DB_DSC7194 St Stephen

Lately there have been many funerals

And looking at this painting on the first martyr St Stephen

One cannot help but think of the way one would leave this earth

A thousand and one ways

Which would  be ours?

No one knows

Does it matter really?

It may not for all will happen

As God allows it

And the best way will always be

His way, and in accordance to His will

Yet, let us not forget that He never wanted us

To be puppets in His hands

His unfathomable and unfailing love

gives us free will and so the choice is ours to make

Would not then the best way be total surrender

Not so much as the way to go from earth

But to do so, praying for the grace to hear these words

Come, blessed of our Father, come to the Kingdom prepared for you

And then to spend eternity just praising Him forever and ever!