All souls’ day

blessing 1 blessing 2 blessing 3 blessing 4

Blessing for the niches

Niches that hold the urns that contain the ashes

Ashes of our loved ones summoned home to the Lord

Lord of the dead and the living here and now

Now the question is

Is it true that all go to heaven?

Heaven is for those who love the Lord

Lord of all, sole Judge of us all

All comes from the Lord and not from mere mortals

Mortals can never judge so as not to be judged

Judged alone by our Lord

Lord of heaven and earth

Earth is but a temporary place here

Here where all things are passing


And so the church prays as one

For we are a family of God

And it is our desire that all be rewarded

With eternal life in heaven

May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace

through the mercy of God. Amen.

(These photos were taken last year)