The WALK in Spain

DB001_DSC6675 Title - Camino DB002_DSC6570 Crucifix at Start of 10 km Walk DB003_DSC6567 Start of 10 km Walk DB004_DSC6572 Setting Off DB005_DSC6575 Setting Off

This is one walk that I will never have the chance to do. So I am happy to share these photos. The walk can be long or it can be reduced, but at least one gets a chance to see the surroundings and walk where so many have done so before.

This reminds me of a time years ago when I had to jump and make a dive from a certain height. At that time, I could only look at the worn out board which I was going to stand on, and console myself that others have done it. So down I went, and it seemed like ages before the swimming coach showed up and held me by my hand to lift me up out of the water.

These friends of mine are walking along a route that thousands have taken. . . . and we are indeed on the same road of life!

May our choices take us to our eternal Home where the Lord Jesus awaits us! Praise God!