Speak Lord!


DB_DSC7173 Jesus DebatingWisdom


Almighty God

Sovereign Lord

Reign in me

Reign in me

Who can ever outdo our Lord in anything?

He is the Word made Flesh

He is the Holy One of Israel

He knows everything

I ponder

I wonder

Who dares to debate with Love?

All that we say will be quite redundant, will it not?

It will be truly enough to sit like Mary to listen

To choose the better part

And that is truly something wonderful

To sit alone with Him and be at peace

And to serve with more joy like Martha

To be where He calls us

To do as He inspires us

Ours is just to thank and praise Him

All the days of our life

Ours is to obey and to rejoice in His goodness

Now and in the days ahead

I am contented just to do that

Praise God! Thank God!