P1210657I often wonder if one can read minds, or guess accurately the feelings and thoughts etcetera of another. . . . I really doubt it. If we could we might not hear our Lord telling us to remove the plank in our own eyes before trying to remove the splinter in our neighbour’s eye.

So much for not judging and not jumping to the wrong conclusions.

The ideal communication would be a face to face conversation. Even text messages fail to convery the messages accurately. So if we can speak out and we don’t do it, it is unlikely to be helpful. P1210658 P1210661 P1210664

These are some of the posters that families produced in the recent Family Camp with 180 people. It was thoroughly enjoyable and it turned out to be more than what I had dared to hope for. We had Eucharistic Adoration for two occasions! There was Praise and Worship, and lots of other good stuff like great food, great company and great sharing.

Praise God!