Comfort food


Pom 2 Pomegranate one Pom 3 pom 5 These pomegranates have proven to be worth the time and effort spent just to get them into one’s stomach. Lately there were so many of these fruits and as I spent time to prepare them and get them ready for eating, I discovered that it was worth every moment.

For one thing, I needed to hold it in my hands. Often I would feel the skin and admire the colours which are usually vibrantly beautiful and surprisingly attractive. I am always amazed that such a simple looking fruit can also be so complex in that I have to find the best way to get each seed out. I wonder if there are tools for such fruits. . . Hmm, it would be interesting to find one soon!

As one takes the time to slowly and carefully remove the seeds, one has no choice but to slow down and focus. In doing that, I find myself at peace. It takes me at least 20 minutes or more to prepare a large fruit.

Then comes the time to savour the sweetness, and this part does not take long at all! Praise the Lord!