Loving Him above all

Intercession is not a matter of saying the right words but of having the right heart. If we love the Lord with all our heart, we have the right heart.

Furthermore, if Jesus is our Lord, we can hear Him. We will hear His call to pray, pray and pray and to act in love and  with love.

The Lord will baptize us in the Holy Spirit, Who will teach us everything, remind us, and guide us to all truth. Indeed, the Holy Spirit will be there to pray with  us, in us and through us.

Under Jesus’ lordship, Jesus either originates every event or makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Under these circumstances, every happening, phone call, meeting, or conversation is a call to intercede.

Under Jesus’ lordship, His callings to intercede are self-evident. And the call to pray, pray and pray is challenging but so meaningful too.

The call to intercede rings out loud

Each scene seen, each cry heard, each pain shared

The call to  intercede rings out loud

Each story shared, each suffering endured

The call to  intercede rings out loud

One cannot ignore the call to pray out of love