Growing in Faith, Outside

An authentic piece written

straight from the heart

of a young man who speaks

with no holds barred

the beauty of youth

so pure and honest

with the lack of false modesty

I want to share it with you, you and you!

Many writers

It has been a long time since I ever wrote something for this blog. It has been a year since I enlisted into National Service and dropped everything: this blog, my hobbies and even my faith in the Lord. A Whole Year away from the community, the loving family of the house of God, away from the friends that used to keep me in check morally and who had counselled me. A lapsed christian I had become, the thing and type of person I feared turning into. Elizabeth and Josephine were right; once you took a “break” from church, you broke apart entirely.

I remember writing that my father and brother were lapsed Christians; now the table has really turned around, at least for my father. My father has come back to join the community. Praise the Lord!  Me? I broke apart from church, rather believing that though there is…

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