Art Appreciation

20160528_154453RR 20160528_154443RRThis art gallery belongs to H.P. Chua, someone who attended Art lessons with the rest of us under a Paris trained artist Kang Siong Joo.

This place is at The River walk, 20 Upper Circular Road.

Those were the times when life was almost a breeze and lessons were taken at least once a week. Those were the days when life was almost like play each day.

For close to a decade, the lessons continued and on top of that the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts gave me Modern Art History, clay modelling and acrylic and oil painting.

I was also teaching Art and preparing my students for the O levels. . . . . . . Oh yes, those were the  days.

  Oil painting, water colours, Chinese painting and calligraphy. . . craft works and embroidery. . . I tried them all, and today I thank God for the grace to do so.