One local SVDP Pilgrimage


An appointment was scheduled for our Year of Mercy visit today

A church designated for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

A date I make each month

 Determined not to let the Jubilee Year of Mercy slip by

Too good an opportunity to miss

Too much in sore need of merits and indulgences

Evidently only sinners find great solace in this search

for the mercy of God to be poured out upon us

Time was on my hands and I had the chance to read a good book

By the intercessor Jack Hayford, long known to me

One wise pastor who is most encouraging.

So it was with gratitude and joy that we took the challenge

To pray for the living and the dead

One cannot ignore the call to pray out of love

Especially for our priests who labour long and hard to give us Jesus

And so this is what we did this morning

Eight of us including a young lad of twelve prayed

For an hour after Mass and all went smoothly

For our priests, religious, seminarians, novices and postulants

For our personal intentions, our loved ones, those who have need of our prayers

For those who are sick, suffering and certainly, for the dying

For the souls of the faithful departed and more. . . 

For our Holy Father, our Bishops and all clergy and more. . .

God knows our needs and He hears our prayers. Praise God!