With our Holy Father Pope Francis


IMG-20160521-WA0000 IMG-20160529-WA0002So near yet so far.

I once heard a youth tell me that even though he was quite far away, he could literally sense the presence of the Divine when the Holy Father passed by. This was way back in 2002 in Toronto at the World Youth Day from 23 to 28 July in Canada.

Not at all surprising since we are talking about the sweet Vicar of Christ who is a successor of St Peter the first Pope of the Catholic Church. Praise the Lord!

This year the event for millions of young people (below the age of 35) will be at Poland. I have some friends who will be going. One young lady has  been  praying and saving her money for the trip. I will also be praying and I have been doing that . . .  don’t we realise the grace of God for these millions who gather in the universal Church event? Praise the Lord!