Channels of Mercy retreat


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A special moment for all. . .  Eucharistic Adoration

I continue to remember the grace of  being able to attend the entire week of retreat this year at St Gabriel’s Secondary School Hall. It was such a blessed time that we had. . . just before the great season of Pentecost Sunday. We could see the grace of God being freely given and received as confessions were made by all in preparation for the special anointing of the Holy Spirit. A great outpouring indeed, and I thought I was in the Upper Room a long time ago. . .

We got more and more in number and ended up with around 750 people. Everyone who was present had a lovely time of worship, healing and praise of our Lord God almighty.

His instruments from Potta Retreat Centre were wonderfully prepared and anointed to do the preaching and healing .  Glen’s voice was so soothing and Theresa, his wife, was good in teaching. Each evening was spent in praise and worship, adoration and healing and of course, the highlight would be the Mass. with both the priests taking turns to preach or to lead the healing session. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord! The photo shows Fr Joseph who preached with power and audacity. Later on, when our final day had come, I went to thank him for such sincere preaching. I thought he reminded me of St John the Baptist who preached with conviction and spoke openly and freely.  Praise the Lord!

At the end of the day, one cannot help but praise the Lord for showing us mercy in this Jubilee year.