St Ignatius of Loyola

331930_orig 3663298_orig 6462578_origI remember the time I went to the Jesuit church in Rome a few years ago. Magnificent it truly was.

Lately I have  been preparing for the feast day of St Ignatius. It happens to fall on a Sunday. There will be a food fair that day at Victoria Street, and how do I know? I had the task of helping to come up with a poster to advertise some food. And I will make it known to you now that the proceeds will go to the Daughters of St Paul and the Cenacle Sisters who are moving out of their present place. Praise the Lord!

I remember a time when someone said to move joyfully. From one point to the next, it will be better. May it be so! I shudder to think of moving. . . and so, it makes sense not to accumulate too many things. Let us travel light. . . .