Clay modelling is such fun!


IMG_20160712_195540RR IMG_20160712_195646RR IMG_20160712_195745RR IMG_20160712_195827RR IMG_20160712_195934RR IMG_20160712_200035RR IMG_20160712_200119RRIMG_20160710_172028RRIMG_20160710_172156RRFor a while I forgot my age to return to

Being a child

Being carefree

Being fun

For a while I just found myself enjoying

Playing with clay

Dirtying my fingers and not minding it one bit

For a while I learnt

To be like a young child

To enjoy playing with clay

To just see myself lost in play

Not at all conscious of self

Not at all concerned about success

Not at all keen to do more or to go on and on

Yes, it was fun to have spent four sessions learning how to make simple things out of clay.