Kings mead Spirituality Centre


IMG_20160710_171835RROne of my favourite places

This Spirituality Centre

A Jesuit owned enterprise

Really a place for retreats and all things spiritual

I got acquainted with this place years ago

And for a time I used to frequent this place

for spiritual direction

for annual retreats

for days of recollection

for talks

for masses and so on

Next month I shall be here again

for a full day from morning till evening

 to spend with our Lord

in a day of recollection

suitable for those who want time

to be alone with our Lord Jesus

to be away from the madding crowd

to be recollected for a purpose

Surely I have my own reasons

A year older I shall be

A time to cherish and to spend in good company

Who can beat the One Who first loved me

The One to whom I have given my life

Praise Him who first loved me

Praise Him who is so faithfully good

Who is so very kind and generous

This poor sinner longs to spend a day

Alone with the Alone

The Lover of my soul

Who laid down His life so I may live

With a heart full of thanksgiving

I shall be greatly delighted

with such  sweet, sweet company.